How To Begin

Us here at American Dream Design Build & the Puyallup Design Center believe a clearly defined project is essential when planning to build or remodel your home. As we guide you through our comprehensive process a new level of trust will be formed, this endeavor will not be viewed as exchanging money for services, but as a partnership in achieving your goals.

Our step by step process is an outline of events established to ensure your projects success.

Step 1 (Project Consultation) – This initial meeting is designed to gather information, answer any questions, and determine if your project and American Dream Design Build is a good match.

Step 2 (Feasibility Study) – It is pointless to plan a project that can’t be built or financed. Feasibility for some projects may consist of extensive research with your local building department and lending institution, while others may be as simple as determining if a wall is load bearing or not.

Step 3 (Preliminary Budgeting) – Upon completion of gathering information about your project a preliminary budget needs to be established. This is done by utilizing historical data from similar projects and creating placeholders for finish material such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc. A preliminary budget must be established prior to engaging in the design services provided by American Dream Design Build. We feel it would be a disservice to you to spend your time and money designing a project without some form of budget parameters in place.

Step 4 (Design Development) – Depending upon the scope of your project, architectural design may be required. If this is the case we begin by drawing your home or the affected area in its current state commonly known as as-built drawings. Conceptual floor plans are generated to establish a direction for how your space will be configured. Once a final layout has been approved, the detailed drawings are prepared for structural engineering and permit submittal. During this time our interior design team will be introduced and the process of selecting all of your finish materials will begin.

Step 5 (Document Preparation) – Project binders encompass all aspects of the project, two copies are made with one being placed on-site and the other in our office. There are several items that make up a project binder, the most critical being:

Upon completion of your project a customer binder will be issued with all the items listed above including care, maintenance, and warranty information.

Step 6 (Construction Agreement) – Upon completion of the above listed items a construction agreement will be signed by both parties. Commencement of construction will typically begin within 14 days of building permit issuance.

Step 7 (Introductions) – The day your project is scheduled to start you will be introduced to your Project Manager, at such time we will establish our weekly meeting time and review site specific items (i.e. gas and water shut-off locations)

Please rest assured this is not a complicated process, but one we have perfected over the years and are able to make memorable and enjoyable!


Services Offered

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